Tell us what you think here. Bryan thought it was an incredibly easy club to hit and a tight consistency rate from both him and Jon suggested this was a forgiving beast. But a lot of it is just the same old stuff hidden behind cool new graphics. E-mail required, but will not display. As speed increases so does drag force, but the Nike Powerbow and Sole Diffuser design keep the flow of air close to the surface of the club which helps to minimizes drag and enocourage faster acceleration.

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If you favor round heads, you may not be terribly enthusiastic at first. The black-on-black styling contributes to a simple and modern look while hiding the technology and adjustability features. Game-Improvement Drivers We tested: It sounds good as well. If you searched for discount golfgolf swinggolf fitnessSun Mountain speed cart, Clicgear cartor junior golf clubsyou’re on the right site.

Definite improvement over previous Machspeed driver. It generates less spin and a lower ball flight than the original SQ Machspeed for longer drives. The Square version of the driver has a larger surface area and the sloping profile looked much smoother and less chunky than Nike’s previous square drivers. As far as we’re aware, Nike hasn’t made any meaningless claims about the Machspeed Black giving you an extra three of four yards as if the average golfer can discern an extra three yards but it certainly won’t lose you any and, provided you get a suitably spec’ed club, will make a very welcome addition to your arsenal.


My initial adjustments did have me confused about how the modifications changed the lie and flight-path options. The new look black-square head will be a love-hate feature I am sure, but if you are not turned off by that, you may end up with it in your bag.

Nike SQ MachSpeed Black STR8-FIT Driver

The more triangular shaped clubhead that designers favored in recent years seems to have been abandoned for now, and BellinghamGolfer is not unhappy about that. The SQ Machspeed Black also comes in a large round-headed version that offers plenty of stability, forgiveness and power.

The tapered heel geometry and toe-side aerodynamic Nike Powerbow design promote smooth airflow around the head for quicker acceleration. The round head is meant for golfers who seek more workability.

All’s Fair machspees Major Championships? Straight is fine with me. The video below, produced by Nike Golf, features several of the company’s staff players talking about the MachSpeed Black driver. Soft feedback in the hands but a loud “crack” or “clank” might fool you into thinking it’s a hard hit. Easy-to-swing club suits a broad range of handicaps.

Nike SQ MachSpeed Black Driver

I ended up hitting a few more fairways than normal in that first round with the driver. The Machspeed STR8-FIT adjustments give you eight different configurations to allow for promotion of the various flight blaack and face angles.

After 20 balls which all went in a small circle I was glad that I had made the purchase.

At a glance TG Rating 4. The square-shaped aerodynamic clubhead is larger in breadth and face area than its predecessor to boost ball speed across more of the face. Contact Us info intheholegolf.


You might be surprised. Nike have always been first at destroying traditional barriers in design of sports products, and with this driver it was all about reducing the amount machsspeed drag a driver head generates so more speed and therefore distance can be achieved.

The STR8-FIT system lends itself to finding a position and sticking with it as opposed to constantly modifying the settings machspeedd on the hole. I really enjoy the look and feel of the club and the ability of the club to be forgiving when I need it most.

Equipment Test – Nike Machspeed Black

Machwpeed picky though, we might say the STR8-Fit Hosel bulges a little, but you’d detract no more than quarter of a point for that. If you are in need of a Driver that hits the ball high and far, this may just be the one for you.

Equipment Machsppeed – TaylorMade Burner 2. Shaft – Nike Fubuki. With a 95mph swingspeed, however, the Fubuki is perfectly adequate. Equipment Test – Nike Machspeed Black It’s easy to be mesmerized by new golf clubs boasting fancy-sounding technology.