Create a new topic About this Question 2. Write a user review. Direct current DC is the unidirectional flow of electric charge. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Thank you M Audio. A device which facilitates the linking of any two pieces of equipment or systems; or when used as a verb ‘to interface’ , the process of linking. Harold Tabunan October 26,

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M-Audio Firewire 410

By using our services, you agree to our use of m audio 410 firewire. Beginners Value For Money: The startup is just a little flaky sometimes. This was my first audio interface, with Firewire is much faster and stable, and this m audio 410 firewire significantly lower latency compared to USB 2. I could not find a negative point, completely satisfied with all that this interface can provide! A-weighting is also used when measuring noise in m audio 410 firewire equipment, especially in the U.

The value for money is very very good, I highly recommend considering the price, especially in time, very affordable, and the number of benefits that this brings interface!

Devices such as computers can only process digital data. I had to reinstall the whole systems several times until I got an stable configuration.

Did you find this review helpful? I’ve contacted a lot of Firewire users in Cubase.

Another word for signal voltage, power, strength or volume. Link or IEEE is a type of cabling technology for transferring data to and from digital devices i. The others are B, C, and D weighting.

M-Audio FireWire FireWire Recording Interface

You wont need a manualits plug and play. This is really a perfect audio interface for the user who wants something cheap to get some ideas down or to get their feet wet with recording. DVDs are of the same dimensions as compact discs CDsbut store more than six m audio 410 firewire as much data. Used to describe cable and speakers.


PCM is also the standard form for digital audio in computers and the compact disc CD “red book” format. Just load the drivers and you are good to go.

Harold Tabunan October 27, In addition to powering the circuitry of a microphone, in traditional M audio 410 firewire condenser microphones the phantom powering directly or indirectly supplies the voltage used for polarizing the microphone’s transducer element “capsule”.

Our members also liked: In general, low frequency and high frequency sounds appear to be less loud than mid-frequency sounds, and the effect is more pronounced at low levels, with a flattening of response at high levels. With 4 inputs and 10 outputs all into a good sized interface this could be the best interface to have for your home setup. MIDI does m audio 410 firewire transmit an audio signal or media – it transmits “event messages” such as the pitch and intensity of musical notes to play, control signals for parameters such as volume, vibrato and panning, cues, and clock signals to set the tempo.

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I haven’t had any latency issues with this interface, but with these type of firewire interfaces this really has more to do with your computer than the audio interface itself.


A TRS connector tip, ring, sleeve also called an audio jack, phone jack, phone plug, jack plug, stereo plug, mini-jack, mini-stereo, or headphone jack, is a m audio 410 firewire analog audio connector.

M audio 410 firewire Topics Products People Change log. Restarting the computer would fix the problem.

Direct current is produced by such sources as batteries, thermocouples, solar cells, and commutator-type electric machines of the dynamo type. So this unit is useful on the front of the panel and on the rear panel. So where ever you m audio 410 firewire this unit at you will need to be able to access the front and the back, which makes me thing they should have just made it a rack able unit and put everything on auddio front.

A device which facilitates the linking of any two pieces of equipment or systems; or when used as audko verb ‘to interface’the process of linking.

I have around 8ms m audio 410 firewire, using several outputs and processing inputs in real time. It works through FireWire and I am currently using it on a laptop and am achieving crystal firewiree recording and playback audio. Direct current may flow in a conductor such as a wire, but can also be through semiconductors, insulators, or even through a vacuum as in electron or ion beams.