Now click on the Store Address Tab. The security access permission window is displayed. They provide efficient multi-address transmission to suit the destination. Communication Streamlines your workflow by storing and sharing information. Please note that by deleting our cookies or disabling future cookies you may not be able to access certain areas or features of our site.

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We will need that info later.

Communication Streamlines your workflow by storing and sharing information. For details about each item on the screen, refer to Scan Settings Screen.

How to setup SMB scanning on the Konica Minolta Bizhub copier to scan to a Windows Share

The security access permission window is displayed. You can search the SMB server shared folder by pressing [Browsing] after you enter the items. To give access permission to a specific group or user, click [Add] and add the group or user. You can check the IP address local address in the following procedure. Scan to E-mail allows the user to send scanned paper documents c2220 e-mail attachments. konica minolta c220 scanner

If you are not sure of the user name, check with the command prompt cmd. I reviewed the manual which provided basic information but after following it, I could not get the scanner to save the scanned document on the server.


Enter the registration name and press [OK]. The following information is necessary to register the destination SMB server shared folder to the machine. If you want to use a name konica minolta c220 scanner of the IP Address, check the box, Please check to enter host name. The machine and the Konica minolta c220 scanner server Windows computer are connected to the network. Technology Newly developed engine allows higher quality printing features.

Find the bizhub Model that’s just right for your office.

Scanner: Using Scan to SMB with Windows Shared Folder

In my case I am selecting New Registration. Security Security solutions from Konica Minolta. You can receive the scan data konica minolta c220 scanner from the machine to the shared folder and share it with a client computer. Only NTLMv2 is supported. A large volume of scan data more than 10 MB is sent more securely than by E-mail.

Then you can print scanned or faxed data stored in the Box without ever walking away from your PC screen. To permit accessors to delete a file, add a check mark to [Full control].

Register the destination SMB server to the machine on the touch panel of the main body. Login user password of the SMB server Windows computer. From a computer connected to the network, you can access the shared folder, and import and save a large volume of scan data. If you are konica minolta c220 scanner Image Controller IConly the user name is required. Right-click the shared folder you created and select [Properties]. Communication channels are encrypted with SSL, enabling the use of proxies without the need for any special settings to provide secure file sharing.


Productivity Reduces costs scanber amazingly high quality and high speed document output features.

Using TWAIN Scan

Recently I had a customer who needed us to setup the ability to scan to a SMB share. The solutions of i Find bizhub products and solutions for your office.

F220 a shared folder on the Windows desktop Create a shared folder on the Windows computer. Check that the SMB server has been registered. Now click on the Store Address Tab.

Next Share that folder with Everyone in the share and give it full control.