Check back later OldBob. Why does the map path change when the bars are less? Who’s online There are currently 6 users online. It seems to similar to this thread: OldBob – You kind of have it. If you are experiencing an issue that needs urgent assistance please visit our customer support area:.

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Download Qualcomm Atheros wireless driver for AR and Windows XP

The wireless adapter in the laptop agrees to this and closes the “two-way” paired connection on atheros ar5009 xp end. After some time, I drop to bars and when I go again to the Network and Sharing Center and view full map it is different. Hi To help others atheros ar5009 xp this thread mark Db’s post as the one that answered your question!

After athwros assigning of the IP address is complete, the router then establishes a two-way “paired connection” with atheros ar5009 xp laptop’s network device.

It them sends the package only to that connection thus cutting down on the atyeros traffic delays. Do I get it or have I ateros totally shown you how inept I am at this techie stuff? I hope others too will read this thread and learn also. After that, the wireless adapter is searching for a connection and finds the router once again. The combination of the private DNS and “switch” is what makes up a router.

Atheros Acer Wireless Driver | Wireless Drivers

As you use the wireless connection, the wireless side keeps atheross that it can maintain a certain level of connectivity via the “radio waves” with your laptop. They go through their dance once again and depending on the rules programmed in the router, it may assign a new IP address to atheros ar5009 xp laptop’s adapter or it may use the same IP address it just had.


A Bit inconvenient but doable for me. Should this fall below a certain level for a atheros ar5009 xp of time, the router will close that connection by sending an message that tells the network device this can be wired or wireless to close that connection and accept no more data from the partner on the other end of this particular connection.

Have a great day!

Your explanation was wonderful. Under certain circumstances profanity provides relief denied even to prayer.

What driver is support Atheros wireless card for winodws XP Vista win7 Win8 veriosn??

I followed your link and tried to follow what was said but if I may explain atheros ar5009 xp back to you and others as inexperienced and I and see if I understand.

Am I bouncing between different networks or is someone hacking in and thus the Norton protecting and unprotecting message above? Why does ar55009 map path change when the bars are less?

The wording on the log entries could be a little better but then you wouldn’t want a novel when all you need is “Your Safe”. Does this help any? So I have no control over where and how my data goes when the traffic gets too busy and it is normal to fluctuate from bars. I have sharred this with others who have the same issue and one question keeps popping up–why doesn’t the path change back automatically atheros ar5009 xp the one with 5 bars when “traffic” allows but it does go back if you disconnect atheros ar5009 xp reconnect on the same network?


PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_002A&SUBSYS_0201168C device driver for Windows XP x86

Thank you for your patience with atheros ar5009 xp. This is a partnership that says “I am open to send and receive data from you” and both partner’s agree on this this is done on the TCP [Transmission Control Protocol] side of the connection.

Every network xl in he world has a unique MAC ID that is loaded into it by the device manufacturer; it is permanent and can not be changed. When a router receives data from the outside world, it will let it atheros ar5009 xp to all the connections out from it this is a true atheros ar5009 xp which would just keep sending data in and out and not check anything at all. Moved to own thread. Atherod you are experiencing an issue that needs urgent assistance please visit our customer support area:.

You kind of have it. You have no idea how pleased I am to get your most exact and down to earth explanation.

No matter which way my traffic goes I am SAFE and do not need to change any settings in Norton atheros ar5009 xp make any connection an untrusted place as in the more info section suggests nor do I have to connect to Norton on line for ztheros corrections to be made.

Does atheros ar5009 xp have anything to do with an issue I cannot seem to figure out.