I strongly believe it is your PSU that is causing your problems. Joined May Age 56 Posts The video card by itself is about 75watts. I use this as my data drive and it seems to be ok. That model is weak on the 12v rails and the video card requires watts at load.

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After that it wouldn’t boot windows at all. I use this as my data drive and it seems to be ok. My system crashes and can no longer boot up, not in Safe Mode and disk can not be repair asus a8n vm video XP install disk. To disable the onboard video, I vidro you have to set the Onchip VGA Frame Buffer size to disabled this is the setting for vide useage by onboard video.

The time now is Although I still think that the board shouldn’t boot at all if there a8nn enough power? Asus a8n vm video did not change the bios since I didn’t see an option videp disable the onboard video. Results 1 to 5 of 5. But, the onboard video output does not work. I installed this mainboard yesterday and I came across a few problems: Dale Brisket, Dec 20, I’m not sure there is such a setting in the bios.


My W power supply provides the bare minimum, asus a8n vm video it be wise to get a stronger one? I tried one more.

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I find it strange that it first tries to boot from a PCI device, but when not present it doesn’t switch to onboard vga automatically. It asus a8n vm video as far as the windows xp screen and it hung. I concur that it should have.

This time I had remove all asus a8n vm video partitions on my drive. It hung half way through the install and I got the same disk error message. How about the hypothesis that the 4 pin atx12v plug doesn’t provide enough power to activate the onboard agp card? It turned out that the pins plug did fit in asus a8n vm video 24 pins connector on the mainboard and that I had to connect another 4-pin plug to the atx12v plug to the right of the CPU. Forum Hardware Motherboard Discussion a8n-vm csm video card upgrade problem.

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Connected the power cable to the card. Discussion in ‘Asus Motherboards’ started by maartenvdv, Dec 19, I uninstall the Nvidia GeForce drivers.

Joined Feb Posts 1. What am I doing something wrong with the install?

I disconnected it for about 15 seconds. The system does boot though.

Asus A8N-VM CSM, no video output on onboard video

That model is weak on the 12v rails and the video card requires watts at load. Thomas Wendell, Dec 21, Is there a way to disable the onboard video? I rebooted in Safe Mode and it hung after loading a few drivers. Any suggestions would be welcome. The asus a8n vm video card by itself is about 75watts. I did get my mainboard to boot.