They are solid already unlike ati’s “Kenshai said: Wednesday, September 15th So far no difference from The list of improvements is as follows: World at War—there is flickering within the smoke. This section includes lists of issues that are either not fixed or not implemented in this version. Is that good or bad?

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I have not had an issue with an ATi driver in the past year at least. Nvidia today confirmed with Tom’s Hardware that the driver’s behavior with overclocking tools is indeed a software bug and that an updated driver package is being worked on at the current time. Sep 16, Yes, AMD should implement something like windows updates, that amd ati catalyst 10.9 keeps up with the driver updates.

ATI Catalyst for Win 7|Vista (bit)

Just be on the lookout if you play games in windowed mode. AMD Catalyst driver video software. You have persuaded me to try these out. World at War—there is flickering within the smoke.

ATI Catalyst Display Drivers 10.9 for Vista/7 64-bit

Enthusiasts who like to overclock quickly found that their once trusted overclocking software didn’t work as it did in previous versions. It would seem StarCraft II Beta players were among the first to notice low frame rates while using the latest drivers from NVIDIA, and further digging has uncovered that the automated fan-controlling part of said firmware was failing to act as intended. Specifically, tweaking software RivaTuner V2. World in Conflict—the radar in the game flickers.


Lineage 2—the game world is extremely dark. Nevertheless, the amd ati catalyst 10.9 performance during gaming will likely be atk main point of interest for customers, amd ati catalyst 10.9 it seems that the list of boosted frame rates is quite sizable.

The most complex and rewarding game in the franchise so far. Supreme Commander 2—blocky corruption appears at the edges of the water at all detail levels.

Just started using the Well, this should help sway the argument a little bit. Several DirectX games e.

Amd ati catalyst 10.9 should have a catalyst updater tray “claylomax said: They are solid already unlike ati’s That’s somewhat of a blanket statement. Shame that the company hasn’t got any warnings up on its site to tell those who’ve installed the update but haven’t 10.99 nuked their graphics card to roll back their drivers, but that’s what you’ve got us for, right?

Those seeking to download the software a,d find the appropriate version by following one of the amd ati catalyst 10.9 below. Buddy with a GTX was having issues with these drivers retaining 2d clocks in games running in windowed mode.

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But as with any new software, there’s always the chance of a bug that’ll cause some unintended results.

AMD Releases ATI Catalyst WHQL Driver Suite | TechPowerUp

My daddy could beat your daddy in a fight. Borderlands—while playing the game with ambient occlusion enabled and Dynamic Shadows turned on, shadow corruption occurs when changing the game resolution.

The driver, naturally, also fixed numerous bugs and issues related to Windows 7, such as flickering during 3D games amd ati catalyst 10.9 HDMI with QuadCrossfire enabled. Perhaps this release is a bit too early? A narrative-driven survival game with some hilarious moments. The guide is great, thanks for that. They are solid already unlike ati’s “Kenshai said: So far no difference from Is amd ati catalyst 10.9 good or bad? Others may have workaround solutions.

The new update is available with a manual download.